Saturday, December 31, 2011

E·ratio's reading period for issue 15 is in full swing. If you're awaiting a response, please know you'll have one very soon. Meanwhile the issue is in production and we're expecting to go online sometime January 2012. It is the policy at E·ratio to continue reading submissions, and making acceptances, right up until publication time.

The number of submissions at E·ratio has been enormous, and, consequently, so has the work load, and so for the first time I have taken on two contributing editors to help shape future issues. Joining me at E·ratio are Joseph F. Keppler, sculptor, poet and theorist out of Seattle, WA, and Lauren Marie Cappello, poet out of New Orleans, LA.

If you are still awaiting a response to your submission, or you are awaiting your proofs, I apologize for the delay, and I thank you for your patience.

Issue 15 will be the biggest issue yet.

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

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