Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Apryl Miller Interview

“The majority of my expressions revolve around working through emotional states or situations. My themes are silence, tears, family relationships, difficult loves and how we treat each other as people. All of this is placed under the umbrella of how we are universally imperfect. Other artists may focus on the environment, etc., but mine is all about feelings and relationships.”

 “Once, while being interviewed for a Swedish art magazine, I was asked about stories involving Alan Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and Andy Warhol. The journalist could not recall her source, and I, not wishing my art to be about them, but about me, told her that there are such things as urban legends.” 

“My titles can be very much like stories, like any sort of writing, but I love to do it and especially love it when the title arrives of its own volition. ‘Sculpture Masquerading as Furniture’ arrived in that way. Initially I was trying to market them as furniture pieces, but after a time I realized they transcend furniture.”

 “I have messages to share, messages of hope, of redemption, of survival, of love and acceptance of ourselves and each other. My prayers are still sometimes obscure, but I believe there is a God who hears us.”

Apryl Miller at Saatchi Art

 Forthcoming in E·ratio 19


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