Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Poet and scholar Anna Niarakis has translated my poem, “Tops,” into Greek. Read Anna Niarakis’s translation of “Tops” online at the Greek-language poetry journal, To Parathyro.



a plum or knob, to see
purposes, prior to, or, unlike a knob or fruit

a purchase, or gestalt
in time or in enumeration

the nature of a stick in sand, the nature
of a rib, stuck upright in a palette

before a spry, metaphysician
an accent, passing close, unstoppered


a poem, in simple measure
can say the names of surrogate places,

can count the change in a blind man’s cup
a day, in folds, moves, asking leave to come and go

when having heard, are setting works, in geography
to days

when having heard, are breathing deeply
into cups


going, is town to town, changing hands
into cups


in act and in objective
another sequence, or condition, in nearness, to

spinning articles, and arrival, at once
a wish or trespass

the entrance of a man.
And as was consonant with sleep in daylight

after hurry, and pursuit, after warp and corrugation

to say, the saying of a fold, this is a face

this is a church, and, this is a moment
in a wheel

a father, and a son, a wife, or, inflection
recovering a no