Thursday, June 12, 2008


E·ratio Editions is happy to announce the publication of Waves, an e-chap by Márton Koppány.

Waves by Márton Koppány. "These works are minimalist by design, but should we paraphrase the thought channeled therein, the effect would be encyclopedic, ranging through philosophy, psychology, politics, and the human emotions."

Also available from E·ratio Editions:

#1. In the Bennett Tree. Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino joins John M. Bennett “In the Bennett Tree.” Collaborative poems, images, an introduction and a full-length critical essay pay homage to American poet John M. Bennett.

"Goings On" from In the Bennett Tree.

’Twas a lark, the sheaf in Hamburg
(empty form, “flit-fingered” in a lot);

sepsis-clothes and “high” remember,
glittered dark—

the rank of clouds and GOINGS ON.
“Wet-” parked, clawed sore, flown,

removed and so rainy off your Beth,
I “But, but, but” your flaily “Nein.”

#2. Mending My Black Sweater by Mary Ann Sullivan. Mending My Black Sweater and other poems by Mary Ann Sullivan. Poems of making conscious, of acceptance and of self-remembering, and of personal responsibility.

Click here to see Mary Ann Sullivan's digital/interactive poem, Shaking the Spiders Out.

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