Friday, January 01, 2016

a noun sing e·ratio poetry journal 22 · 2016

with new work by

Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Lital Khaikin, Claire Warren, Cody-Rose Clevidence, Jennifer Firestone, Colin Campbell Robinson, Sean Howard, Dan Eltringham, Paul A. Green, Joey Frances, Carleen Tibbetts, John M. Bennett, Jared Chipkin, Mark Young, Matina L. Stamatakis, visual poetry by Joel Chace, Ren Adams, Parker Tettleton, Bill Yarrow, Deb Jannerson, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, JJ Rowan, Sarah B. Boyle, Daniel Y. Harris, Irene Koronas, Eileen R. Tabios, art by Jacklyn Janeksela

and featuring “The Aha Moment” an E·ratio Editions E·chap by Márton Koppány

e·ratio is edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino with contributing editors Joseph F. Keppler and Jacqueline Winter Thomas

E·ratio has been online for over ten years and has consistently presented new, first-time and emerging writers alongside some of the most recognized writers of our time. E·ratio will never ask for a donation. Please support us with a “Like” on our Facebook Page or “Follow” us on Twitter.

E·ratio is reading for issue 23. Please see the Contact Page for guidelines and where to send.