Tuesday, April 05, 2011

e·ratio editions is celebrating National Poetry Month with Beginning to End by Alan Halsey

Beginning to End and other alphabet poems by Alan Halsey. Poems and poetic sequences. With art by Alan Halsey.

Alan Halsey is the author of Marginalien and Lives of the Poets (both Five Seasons Press), Not Everything Remotely — Selected Poems 1978-2004 (Salt) and Term as in Aftermath (Ahadada).

E·ratio Editions

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#11. Paul de Man and the Cornell Demaniacs by Jack Foley. Essay, recollection. “I studied with de Man in the early 1960s at Cornell University. The de Man of that time was different from the de Man you are aware of. . . . Despite his interest in Heidegger, the central issue for the de Man of this period was ‘inwardness’ — what he called, citing Rousseau, ‘conscience de soi,’ self consciousness.”

#10. The Galloping Man and five other poems by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino. “ . . . how does / a body know, here is a hand, and here, is a sentence / or, / what’s riding on hearts . . . ”

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