Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forthcoming in E·ratio 19

Asemic Knitting Writing  

Margo Korableva Performance Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia

Gvantsa Nikabadze, Keti Latsunashvili, Maiko Lapachi, Mary Vardiashvili and Mariam Nikabadze

Conceived and directed by David Chikhladze
Photo assistance: Ana Kalandarishvili
Design assistance: Smaki Siradze

Thanks to Rusiko Oat and OAT Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

Thursday, April 10, 2014

“Suppose that I could succeed in writing as well as Shakespeare. It would be lovely, but what then? There is something wanting in literary art even at its highest. Literature is not enough. The greatest literature is still only mere literature if it has not a purpose commensurate with its art. Presence or absence of purpose distinguishes literature from mere literature, and the elevation of the purpose distinguishes literature within literature. That is merely literature that has no other object than to please. Minor literature has a didactic object. But the greatest literature of all—the literature that scarcely exists—has not merely an aesthetic object, nor merely a didactic object, but, in addition, a creative object: that of subjecting its readers to a real and at the same time illuminating experience. Major literature, in short, is an initiation into truth.”

 —Katherine Mansfield