Saturday, July 01, 2017

a noun sing e·ratio 24 · 2017

with new work by Jake Berry, margareta waterman, Mary Jane White, Rosanna Licari, Apryl Miller, Joanna Fuhrman, Giavanna Munafo, Tony D’Arpino, Andrew Leggett, Carol Dorf, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Eileen R. Tabios, Joseph F. Keppler, Hannah Rego, Amanda Laughtland, Jude Cowan Montague, David Annwn, Denise Bonetti, Tomáš Přidal, Mark DuCharme, David James Miller, Sean Howard, Aaron Bauer, Mark Young, Jon Cone, Peter Philpott and Daniel Y. Harris 

e·ratio editions e·chap special:

Poets East: An Anthology of Long Island Poets

with work by Erin Corrigan, Anthony DiMatteo, Peter V. Dugan, Daniel Giancola, Justin Goodman, George Guida, Gladys Henderson, Joan Higuchi, Vicki Iorio, Nancy Keating, Mindy Kronenberg, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, Tom Oleszczuk, Alphonse Ripandelli, Rita B. Rose, Robert Savino, Barbara Southard, Tom Stock, M. J. Tenerelli, JR Turek and George Wallace

 e·ratio is edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino with contributing editors Joseph F. Keppler and Jacqueline Winter Thomas

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