Friday, July 16, 2010

Modulations is the new volume of eidetic poetry by Márton Koppány. 

There was a time when pictures and writing were not as separate as they are today, a time when the picture was given not just to show but to tell; a sort of “picture-writing.”  And each “pictograph” was as an aperçu, at once an insight into and a brief digest of the thought to be communicated.  The poet Márton Koppány has found for himself a form most becoming of his intuition; each panel here is an aperçu into that space where picture and writing are one, that space where the mind knows the word in the figure of its substance, that space that is language-in-eidos.  And so I see Koppány’s panels as “eidographs,” as urtexts of “eidetic poetry.”  

Cover image, “or,” by Márton Koppány.  Published by Otoliths.  Cover design by John Moore Williams.  


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