Monday, January 03, 2011

a noun sing e·ratio 14 · 2011

with poetry and such by

Alan Halsey, Carey Scott Wilkerson, Keith Higginbotham, Simon Dutton, Anne Blonstein, Mark DuCharme, J. Crouse, Paul Siegell, Joseph F. Keppler, Richard Kostelanetz, David Rushmer, Stephen Emmerson, Dylan Harris, Joel Chace, Marcia Arrieta, Kat Dixon, Iris Orpi, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Amanda Laughtland, Ben Nardolilli, Teresa K. Miller, A.J. Huffman, J. Michael Wahlgren, Emily Jern-Miller, Philip Byron Oakes, Stephen Nelson, Travis Macdonald, Travis Cebula, Francis Raven, Dawn Pendergast, Eric Hoffman, Mark Young, José Luis Gutiérrez, Ric Carfagna, Hugh Tribbey and Márton Koppány

and featuring Paul de Man and the Cornell Demaniacs, an e·ratio editions e·chap essay in recollection by Jack Foley

edited for real by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

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