Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In Rapsodia 17, fall 2017, a long excerpt from my fash-fiction novel, Suicide by Language.

In Rapsodia 16, summer 2017, my poem, The Valla Problemata.

“The Valla Problemata” is wantonly based upon the life of the Italian Renaissance humanist, Lorenzo Valla.  Here is an excerpt —

V. practiced ventriloquism
by talking with figs in his mouth.
His wealthy father said, “That is impolite.”
He thought to spit them out,
but thinking twice, he swallowed hard. . . .

V. is doing Mahler,
V. is doing Liszt,
V. has little Timmy on his hip.
Timmy says all men are come-again
& Guinness’s the water of life.
Timmy says the Irish have the gift of the song.

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